Do you believe?

Castle from outside.
Church from outside.

I am not a religious person. I do not believe in God. I do not pay taxes to the church. I am not married in a church, and my children are not baptized. Frankly, I have always believed that people who believe in a God must be delusional in some way or another.

However, recently I have come to believe that maybe I am the one who is delusional. Only 5 percent of the worlds population are like me and do not believe in anything. I only found out recently. The remaining 95 percent believe in some form of spiritual being having a saying in their lives. God, Jesus, Allah, Krishna, Odin, a rock, a holy cow, a crocodile, the magical powers of an ancient twig, and so on. 95 percent!!! It makes me laugh. It´s like waking up one day and find out that I am the one locked up in a mental institution and everybody else is on the other side of the bars looking at me while shaking their heads at my ignorance. 

It made me think of why so many people believe in something while I do not? But maybe I actually do believe in something. Lately I have had experiences that have lead me to believe that maybe there is more in the world that we can see. It may not be in a God that I pray to each night before bedtime, but i am definitely opening my eyes up to the spirituel world. I for example believe in the other worldly powers my hypnotherapist that I recently went to. For many people this will be a crazy thing to do and to believe in, and to be honest when I went to her to get cured of my fear of flying, I did not believe it would work. I hoped it would because it makes med so mad that I have this anxiety and I want it to go away. So instead of throwing pills and whiskey down before a take off I wanted to see if she could maybe help me.

It was quite a thing. I will do this short but basically she told me at one point to not open my eyes. Then she talked about something else, and the she said that I should open my eyes. Could I? No, it was impossible for me to do what she asked. I could not open my damn eyes. So I started to laugh hysterically because I was so overwhelmed by the fact that she could manipulate my subconscious without me being able to do anything about it. The whole session took 1,5 hour and to me it felt like a 20 minutes meditation.

Two weeks later I was going to Denmark on a plane. Normally I tremble and I breathe heavily. I hate turbulence, and if I can smell a tiny bit of smoke from the toasts the crew is making for the passengers, I think the engine is on fire and that I am going to die. I consider there to be a 50 percent chance that I will never put my feet on the ground again.

This time – pardon my french – I could not give a fuck about it. I was not nervous at all. There was quite a lot of turbulence – I did not even care. I even saw a movie, which I normally can´t focus on doing. I landed on Danish ground 3 hours later without even noticing and I did not even have a whiskey or pills for that matter.

So do I believe in something now? Ohh yes. I believe in the universe and the energy of the universe. I believe in my hypnotherapist. I believe in my kinesiology women who has made me sleep better at night with her weird session and c vitamins. I believe in myself. I believe in anything that will help me get a better life. And that is, I guess, what its all about. If it helps you to get a better life it does not really matter if it is called God, Debbie The Hypnotherapist or plainly ‘the beautiful girl doing kinesiology’.

I will just say if you have any issues about anything my advice would be: be open and try it, the worst thing that can happen is that It is not working and the best thing is that it does,  just like hypnosis cured my fear of flying, which I still not understand. And I guess also the more you believe the more right it will become.

Maybe one day I will even try that God thing. Who knows. 

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