I just breastfed

Do you know that feeling that you feel that something has just been? Like it was yesterday you did something with your friends or kids, and then you realized it was not. It was many years ago. I have that feeling that I just breastfed my oldest son like yesterday (sorry its gross, he is 9 now), and now he stands in front of me with a shoe size 37 and laughing ‘who is the man..I am the man mum, yeah!’

I have had a young girl of 18 years old living in my house for 4 months and what often made me laugh when we talked about time or something that she had done earlier in her life, she will put it like ‘ yeah its like ages ago I stopped riding horses’.

The ages she was talking about was two years ago. And it really put´s time in perspective, because when you are young two years are like a looooooooong time. Two years now is like ‘yeah it was something I did like maybe yesterday’. (This is me saying it in a young voice.)

In my twenty´s I felt like I had lots of time, and it did not go fast at all. I can´t remember how many hours I spend with my good friend Louise on the local bar Bopa looking for men, or discussing life and issues and our dreams. In my thirty´s the man from Bopa was hunted down. We got kids, got married and I started my own business alongside being a radiohost.

I literally will now sound like the biggest cliche. But I do not know where the first 7 years of my thirties went. Of course I remember ´Spis and Skrid´or that I had a girl with colic, and that we had a great apartment in Copenhagen. That I ran a lot. I saw my friends. But I cannot understand where did the time go?  And why I say 7 years and not 10 years, is because I moved to Spain when I was 37 and from that point life slowed down again.


Just arrived in Spain
Just arrived in Spain

I saw more. I listened more. I enjoyed more. I saw my kids more. I talked more to my husband because it was just us.

But 4 years later with an established life here, time is again speeding up, with school, work, friends activities and so on.

If I am lucky to be an average danish women,  I have only lived half my life until now,  but with the knowledge of that time really goes fast when you are busy I think it´s important we ask ourselves how do I want to spend that little time I have here on earth?

Am I spending my time on the right people, the right job in the right country? Or should I move on and try something new?

We alle know that our time here is limited and that we will all die one day,  but even though we know it, it seems like many of us do not live after that wisdom. We do not allow ourselves to be happy. We do not chase our dreams. We just live the same life every day and dreaming while standing at 6 pm in the local supermarket looking down in the cooler for another chicken to eat.

What I am saying here is: go and do what you want. Go and do something new. Go and try something new. Time is limited friends.

Its fun to see more than one aspect of life — we all need to move on at some point so why not today than tomorrow?

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  1. I believe we need to appreciate the moment, not always wish for something New. The most important lesson learned must be to be there for those you love the most! But if you love being in the same place mentally as well as psysically then this is okay too. Everybody do not have to focus on the trend of evolving as a person and trying to get more out of life. This is quality for some but not for All!

    1. I agree that if you are happy in the same place both psysically annd mentally stay there. But i do not see that its a trend that people want to develope. I think it´s a natural part of live, and something we have even more opportunities to do today than earlier.

      Of course it´s not for everybody to travel around the world or open their own shop or whatever your dream could be. But most people dream of something, and if you do why not go after it.

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