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Hi there. Thanks for dropping in. I am Mille I am danish and I am getting old. That´s annoying. But as I can´t do anything about it, I just have to get the most out of life as possible.This blog is mainly about living abroad and how to life a live in freedom and have fun. I have chosen to live where you are having a siesta, you have oranges in your backyard, vino tinto in your glass and you say mañana and poco y poco.
I work as a Voice over artist and a journalist and I am a damm lucky to have this work, because I do not even consider it as work, because it´s just who I am. It´s a part of me. It actually fells like cheeting.
My husband is also a journalist and a writer (he wrote 5 novels in 6 months, crazy guy) but he is that kind of journalist, that writes things I do not understand at all – It´s about science. My kids – I do not always undestand them either, mostly because they are fluent in Spanish, and I am not – yet.
I love running fast and long. I paddle surf or try to surf if they are any waves, and lets just say there is differently room for improvement. I bike on my racing bike in the mountains of Alcalali, I am a yogi girl and love being on that mat preferably every day and yes it will be my middlelife crises to educate myself as a yoga teacher – along with everybody else.
I write about life seen from my angel and whats on my mind, about the choices me make in life. I have chosen to step out of the line and live a different life than most do. I would love to share that with you and hopefully be able to inspire you, make you laugh, think about something, try something new, get touched, or just marvel.
I always have vino tinto in the glass if you come by and my motto is ‘just do it’ ( yes yes I know somebody said that first).
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