Running is crap right?

My son was running too. He did well. :)
My son was running too. He did well. 🙂


Let’s be honest. Running is crap. It’s hard work. I know you can get ‘runners high’ and all that, but mainly it’s hard and uphill, at least if you are training for something. Training for a race. Training to get better, faster or run longer.

I have for the last 5 months been training for a Marathon in Ibiza next month. I started on 8 km and have build it up til now where I am running 27 k. Every week I increase the distance of my runs with 1 or 2 k and every time it’s a little bit harder. It’s never like ‘wooohooo, what a great run i am so cool feeling’. No it’s more like ‘damm I am so heavy I should not have eaten that chocolate and drank all that vino’ kind of feeling. And when I do my training in between my long runs, which are maybe and 8 k and a 12 k, my legs hurt so bad, that it’s just so HARD work. Not really like ‘yeah I am really in good shape’.

So that’s the problem with running right? If you run a little faster and a little longer for each run, it’s always crap and hard work, and you never really feel that you have more energy to spend.

But today my friends i had a bad night’s sleep. Got to bed to0 late. Had really heavy legs from my 27 k on wednesday, and a few other issues I will spare you for. Let’s just say this 10 k race I was going to do today was suppose to be an easy and slow ride. Just for the fun of it ( yeah right).

So what happens was that I had the time of my life. I do not know why. Yeah it was hard, but no so bad and I did it in my best time ever. 1o k in 47 minutes. That’s 4 minutes 43 seconds per kilometer. So finally i had a day where I was just on a high note and felt that the training finally paid off.  I love the ambience in races and it definitely gives me a kick. These races I am running is 12 races 10 k every time in 12 different cities in our area in Spain. Volta a Peu it´s called.

And you know what. I am so proud of myself.

But here comes the funny part. We were chilling in a café for an hour after the race, and I stepped outside for a minute because i needed to find out when my kids were racing, when i suddenly heard my name over the speaker. Mille Sjøgren. It sounded more like milieee joeeegreeen. Or something like that. I was so surprised that I just ran up there, said I think it was me, ‘creo soy yo,’ that I am not even sure which place I had. I believe I was number 3, but my trophy says number 1. Ha ha. I have no idea, but let’s just say I was caught by surprise.

The only thing great by getting older, is that I am now in the veterans category 40-44 years old, and I do not have to compete anymore with girls who has boobs sticking in the right direction.

So yes Running is crap – but on days like these…I must say I feel like on the top of the world. And just to put topping on the ice cream the proud lady here, had a daughter who came in as number 3 in her category.

Yes in this family it´s the girls bringing home the trophieIMG_8178

Las chicas con  trofeos
Las chicas con trofeos
This is what sport can do. Plenty of self confidence.
This is what sport can do. Plenty of self confidence.



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