To be an immigrant

Where I come from, it is a general opinion that if immigrants come to your country, they at least have to learn how to speak your language. I believe it´s not only in Denmark that people have that opinion.

Now, I agree with the idea of people trying to integrate themselfs in the community that they have moved to, and we all know that he best way is to speak and understand their language if you want to integrate.

Now, I am the immigrant in another country, Spain, and now, I see why its´so difficult to get into a new culture and speak their language. If I look around Javea where I am located, There is a lot of people who are not spanish and what I see is that the English people flock together, The dutch people stick together, and the french people drink their vino together. There is nothing wrong with that, and I get why its easier to stick with people that understand you and understand your culture.

It´s tough not to be understood and it´s tough work to make new friends with different timetables, different humor and maybe different mindset. If I came from a very different culture to Denmark, I am not so sure I would have been able to learn to speak the language and to be integrated in the society. If I had other people who spoke my language, its just easier to speak with them. Yes I would try. Like I try to speak Spanish. Like I try to be a part of the Spanish system, like I try to all the time. But I am still not so confident in Spanish that I can just say whatever I like to. Be funny. Be Mille who I really am. I still fell a bit imbecile from time to time.

Like the other day when we went to the sunday market in Jesus Pobre and I got all exited because they had homemade ice-cream. So instead of ordering 4 cono (waffles) I instead asked for 4 pussies (coño). I knew when I said it, that something was wrong, but was not quite sure what..unfortunately google later confirmed my worst nightmare. I have asked the iceman for 4 pussies in front of my kids.

Four ICECREAMS please.
Four ICECREAMS please.

Not to mention the time when I yelled in front of the football pitch with all the spanish mums, that my son was a horny viking. I just wanted to say that he was always warm, and therefor he did not need a jumper – because he was viking.

And you just know when the words are coming out of your mouth ‘mi hijo esta mui caliente porque él es un Vikingo’, that something is wrong. All you can do is to leave. Just leave and pretend that it did not happened.

So maybe that´s why people crumb together with the one they know and understand because they do not want to sound like a pervert imbecile asking for Pussy at the local ice shop.

Well I will keep on trying and making mistakes because that´s the only way I can maybe one day  be Mille in danish, english and spanish.

Jesus Pobre Market
Jesus Pobre Market at night.
Jesus Pobre market
Jesus Pobre market


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