To get an applaus….

After 4 years in Spain and outside Denmark, there is something that has really come to my attention. Something that is so different from my home country and my new country. It is the respect for other peoples positions and educations.

My husband has two degrees from university, one in molecular biology and one in environmental biology. It takes 5 years. I have a degree as a teacher, which is just 4 years in school.

In Denmark it´s very very normal that ‘everybody’ has a degree in something (5 years of university) and because of the economical crises in the world starting 2008, a lot also continued to get a PHD, because there were no jobs when they finished their education.

So basically we are pretty much over-educated in Denmark, and you can feed the pigs with people who hold master degrees in something.

Nobody will lift an eyebrow in Denmark if you tell them you have a degree or a phd. Nobody. If you are just a school teacher, you are so far down the educational ladder, and respect is not something you actually get from anybody. Therefor there is also very few men who is actually interested in becoming a teacher.

Now, I live in Spain, and last week we had a party at our house where my husband told somebody that he had this degree in molecular biology, and the person was so impressed, and said that she did not think that she had ever meet a person before with a degree in that area. To be honest, we were 20 adults at the party, and I think my husband was the only one with a master degree.

But it`s not just that he has a degree that impresses people outside of Denmark. They are very enthusiastics and appreciatively when for example I tell them about my work. They are curious, and they are giving you lots of thumps up and acknowledging that you actually have a job.  It´s funny because I am really not use to that.

In Denmark, people would ask me ‘but what else do you do, or what is your real job’? It´s not enough just to to be a Voice over artist, so naturally I also has a diploma in journalism.

My brother-in-law is a school teacher, and two years ago we were at a party with our English friends here in Javea. He told them at the dinner party that he was a school teacher in history, and I still remember their faces when he told them. It was faces of very impressed people. They thought he was a star, and they all gave him an applaus. Wow an applaus!!! Because they believe he had a great job.

Could you imagine that happening in Denmark? Not really. This evening was very special and for me an eyeopener as well. I think we should be more proud of our educations, more proud of what we achieve and definitely give our teachers and applaus ones in a while. They deserve it…

Happy new year.

Here I am working as a VO.
Here I am working as a VO.
My brother in law and my Husband  has 10 years of degrees between them:)
My brother in law and my Husband has 10 years of degrees between them:)

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