What is the good life?

I must admit that this little sentence is on my mind a lot these days. How to live my life and what the good life is. I am writing on a speech at the moment on this subject and of course I cannot answer the question because it´s very individuel what the good life is.

I guess if you wake up every morning and feel like this is the right place for me to be. If you are happy and pleased I believe that is the good life for you. Or maybe you fell happy but something missing?

Last week I saw a program on danish television about 4 families that wanted something else. They wanted to change their every day life for a year with a new adventure. They all felt that time was just running and they were playing a major roll in the Groundhog day movie. They were not unhappy and they liked their lifes, but they felt that something was missing. I myself had exactly the same feeling nearly 5 years ago.  3 of the families went abroad to Kreta, NY City and Asia.

It was very interesting because all of the families had of course their ‘what if’ process. What if we do not like it. How will it be? I will miss my friends, which I also recognized myself. But I wish I could tell them not to worry. I believe we worry to much. And actually what if it´s not how they expected? What is then the worth thing that will happend? They will come back or do something else, but with a experience as a family no one can take away from them. I know They will have a splendid time, and talking about time 1 year goes extremely fast. I can already tell you that two of the families will not return to Denmark after a year. I believe they will find a better life where they are going.

But I actually got so depressed after seeing the program, because it made me sad, that the lifesyle we have in Denmark is a lifestyle a least when you have small kids, you need a long vacation from. Beside the weather which we can´t do anything about, we have made a society that does not match the people that live in that society. The most happiest people in the world, has tons of stressed people and people with ancerity every day. In my opinion we are not the most happiest people in the world we are maybe the most secure people in the world because of our wellfare system. I myself can´t undestand how work and materialistic things can be so important to us. We work harder, longer, faster and when we come home to our family we do not have anymore energy to spend on them. Maybe the superman do a 10 k run, just after dinner which was nicely prepared for our instagram account. Then we pass out at the sofa every night in front of the tv looking at some stupid programe we can´t remember in the morning.

I really do undestand that if this is the life you are living, you ask yourself, is this the good life? I really believe this is a new movement. My generation do not want to work themselves to death. We want more out of life. We want to be able to show our kids that the world is big, we want to taste more, feel more and show our kids that mom and dad are not only a labor of society but so much more that that. I believe that more people will seach for another life and simpel living in the future.

The older I get, the les I need. All I really need is adventures, love and a bit of sun. I think the good life is a life you do not need vacation from. (this is my sisters quote, which I love)

What do you think?

The good life for me is close to the sea with my family
The good life for me is close to the sea with my family



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