When men are lying

There is something funny about men who somehow learned that lying about a woman’s age is a clever thing to do if they want to be in her favor. It´s absolutely the best way to get her attention.

Who taught them that? Is it their mums? Is it a book they all get when they are baptised called ‘How to tell the best lie about a woman’s age, and getting kissed for it’?

When a woman is young and around 15 years old, the best compliment you can give her is to say ‘Wow, you look so much older. At least 20′. I remember the boys who said that to me when I was 15, and I was so proud and felt so mature, and yes of course, I gave them a kiss for the compliment… All of them.

My mum, who is 68 years old, always loves when some of her male coworkers get surprised by her age. She gets so exited. She will at last tell me the story several times over the phone when we talk, just to make sure I understood that someone said she looked young.

It’s amazing how the lie can make us feel so good about ourselves because we know that being young is ‘the shit’.  If you look young, it´s cool. Of course, it is even better if you are young, but if you can pull it off, looking young is ok as well, and nowadays, we can just put a Lo-fi filter on, and nobody can see the difference anyway.

This Saturday I was out in a fancy bar in Copenhagen, and I  meet a guy I used to work with 10 years ago. He is sweet and funny, and he was with some friends. Somehow the age discussion came up, (and of course it was not me who brought it up – I do not talk about age anymore) and he was sure, I was much younger than him. Wow, first compliment and lie! He said I looked exactly as I did 10 years ago, (Another compliment and lie!) and he asked his friends, when they thought I was born. The answer was 1981 (third compliment and lie). I am from 1975 and I am sure I am older than all of them.

What did I do – I just said ‘yes that’s right I am born i 1981 and I look amazing.’ I’d had quite a few drinks, but I still knew they were lying because that is what men do and has always done when they give Women compliments about her age. When they say that you look 6 years younger than you are, they have read it on page two in the aforementioned book:

ADVICE 1.  For young women. Tell them they look at least 5 years older than you think they are.

ADVICE 2. For women over 40. Tell them they look at least 5 years younger than you think they are.

Follow these two very important advices, and women will love you.

And yes we will love you.

Well my girlfriend had another approach to the young men… She got scared every time someone looked at her because she read in a magazine that it was so hot to have a fling with an older woman. And as she said, ´I am not gonna be a tick on their bucket list before christmas.’

We could also conclude that men lie, but women are hard to impress and maybe that’s why a little lie is ok sometimes.

To prove the lie.

Skanderborg festival in 2005.
Last week in 2016
Last week in 2016
The freakshow in 2005 (i Think)
The Freakshow in 2005 (i Think)
Last week in Copenhagen
Last week in Copenhagen
The Voice 2007.
The Voice 2007.
Last week surfing...with a filter. ha ha.
Last week surfing…with a filter. ha ha.

I think we all got the point now. But I still like men lying about my age. Just try not to be too obvious please.





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