‘I wish the summer was longer’

‘I wish the summer was longer’ a lot of people say, when work starts after 3 weeks of vacation. ‘ Hell no’ I say. With 3 months of summer vacation and joggling around work, holiday, and kids, this is going to be me tomorrow, just without the sweater and plastic cup. More half naked with a vino cup.

Me tomorrow when school starts.
Me tomorrow when school starts.

 Don’t get me wrong I, of course, love to spend time with my kids but 3 months? How do people cope with that if they are not self employed? How do they work in Spain?

It´s my fourth year trying it, and this year It actually went better that the previous years. I did not fell like jumping off a cliff, I did not go crazy, and I did actually spent lot´s of time with the kids, husband and got to work as well. How I did it? Well, the kids has just grown and are so much more independent now.

3 months is 107 days in a row. Yes you read that correct. Its 107 ice creams eaten. At least. Its 40 hours beach time. 300 hours pool time. It´s 10 hours of collecting figs and making our own marmalade. Its 50 hours kayaking and surfing, Its 14 hours cooking classes, it´s 252 playing hours with cousins, It´s two weeks of Denmark time. It´s 5 days of camping time. It´s 60 hours of Playing Tennis and it´s 60 hours of gymnastic. It´s a lot of walking finding Pokemon’s and it´s I do not know how many bottles of white wine drunken. Its time spend with good friends and family. It´s 107 days vacation…….and now I need 107 days of normality where I can think,work and be with me.

Well, ok it´s ok if the kids come home after school.

Tomorrow is a big day both because my Elva Indiana is turning 7 years old, but also because they both are moving schools. Tomorrow they will start at a big international school in this area called Lady Elisabeth. It took me 4 years to accept that my kids would be ok to go to an english school, with a classic school uniform and tie. I have met the teachers, they smiled and looked totally normal to me. Surprise? So I will pack my Scandinavian mind and presumptioness somewhere deep in my rucksack and go give that school a chance.

There are many rules, and if you have followed me you know I am not that good at following rules.  I have been spending a hell lot of money on new uniforms, and found out yesterday that they can only wear black socks for him, and navy blue socks for her. A quick look in the draw told me I had to go shopping again. Took my son with me…and the only thing he said kind of indignantly was ‘ are they also gonna decide what kind of socks I am wearing’?

So I said to him. ‘Yes hun. They are. But you know, we can always try other things out like brown or yellow if we want to ’stand a bit out of the line for a day or two’.



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